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Veil Safe

Polyurea Coating for exterior INI protection

v1 UGT Veil Safe
Stop Water in-Flow: Easy and Simple!

The UGT has inherited design features that stop in-flow into the grade structure. In high water tables UGT VEIL-SAFE provides additional in-flow proofing for the entire structure. VEIL - SAFE is more cost effective than rubber wraps and expensive bands. Within 15 minutes a contractor can provide additional in-flow protection to the construction.

  • Quick and Easy to use.
  • 10 min application – one person.
  • No Bands, Primers or torches
  • Less costly than other exterior wraps
  • Can be used above ground without UV or Weather deterioration.
  • Creates monolithic structure
  • Ready for backfill in one hour
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Submerged in water
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Submerged in Water
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