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Road Smoothie

The answer to micro surfacing

A Road Smoothie is designed to attach to the top of existing manholes that are below original grade due to settling or repaving. • At a fraction of the cost of traditional manhole raising, a Road Smoothie is environmentally responsible (made of 50% recycled tire material), highly durable, and can be personalized with a logo for your city, company or even area sports team.
Smart, cost-effective, green and so easy it's genius.

Attaching the Road Smoothie to the manhole cover is easy, just use UGT's Secure n Seal, apply and trowel on manhole cover and install. You can create custom heights onsite using Secure n Seal. Adhere as many of the 1/4" recycled rubber layers as you want, and do the same for the street surface layer. Easy and Flexible!