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UGT Elevation Units

UGT's patented elevation products are a composite of Engineered expanded polystyrene and coated with a custom blend of polyurea. The product is AASHTO Rated HS-20 and HS-25 as well as chemical resistant to handle the enviroment and provide a product that far exceeds the life span of current method.

UGT can provide manhole elevation and catch basin products which tackle the time consuming and expensive methods of installation.

UGT can provide custom configurations per the municipality's specfications, custom angles.

Std. Manhole

Catch Basin

Custom Size


  • Made of Engineered High Density EPS coated with a special coating.
  • Multiple Heights and Diameters
  • Lightweight 6.5" High = 13 lbs.
  • Handles Extreme Weight
  • Low Thermal Expansion and Contraction.
  • Bolt Down Capability (40 Series Only).
  • Interlocking System.
  • Angle Rings for surface fall off.
  • AASHTO HS-25 Compliant.
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Condensation Bleed Off.
  • Transportation Cost Low.
Std. Manhole
Catch Basin