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Engineering and Testing

Innovation, Science, and Technology

In late 2004, the structural and chemical engineers proposed a composite material which would replace concrete and block methodology of elevating manhole and catch basin structures. Thinking out of the box, the UGT engineering developed and tested a composite of ultra high density polystyrene foam and a hybrid polyurea. In 2005 testing began with labratory test, field test as well as in-house testing. Refining the structural characteristics as well as the chemical resistance, UGT produce production elevation units in 2007. Since that time, UGT has not sat on its laurels and has continued labratory testing as well as field trials to prove out new technologies that will bring cost effectiveness as well as sustainability. The results has been a revolution in changing the method in constructing and rehabilitaion of manhole and catch basin structures.

UGT has been approved at the state and local municipality levels based on the reseach and development and the proof of test sites where UGT products have outperformed the traditional methods. Contained in the document library are results of labratory testing and field trials. You can download a complete engineering package for review.