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Located in Michigan, Underground Technologies was incorporated in late 2004 and released product in 2007.

Using its background in structural foams and polyurea composites, UGT thought out of the box to develop a manhole elevation ring that can withstand the enviroment while tackling the current problems. UGT tested for 2 full years before releasing product. Our oldest elevation sites out performed the adjacent traditional structures.

UGT's Product line consist of elevation rings for both sanitary & storm as well as catch basins. UGT also has a line of polymer patching and sealing products. These products get rid of the organic erosion problem using mortar and concrete. All of our products are safe to the enviroment and are chemical resistant.

Our mission is to create a system that is easy, cost effective, brings on value and longevity!

Our commitment to sustainability is unparalleled. Our motto is;

Do it once, Do it right,.............Do it UGT